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      Food and ceramics have been harmonious for as long as both have existed. In my ceramic studio practice there is a striking consonance with the technology, innovation, and the experience that molecular gastronomy embodies. Technology has always been a major part of my work, but now is an essential undertone. I have been developing a process in which I 3D model the mold parts themselves in a computer software and fabricate them through programming computer controlled machinery. The structure and surface I achieve on my work is through a singular system that dictates the pathing for this entire mold part, but the form influences the system which responds with varying structure and line width. The result is a system that yields something akin to woodgrain or muscle fibers, yet is not so familiar.


     My focus is on function; not solely if something is functional, but the nature of that function; the interaction between user and object. An object simply having the quality of being used is not enough. I collaborate with chefs to create services in which the food and serviceware both confound expectations and function symbiotically, and the users are provoked by interaction. I create experiences that encourage exploration, revelation, and discovery.

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