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Welcome NCECA collectors! Thank you for supporting NCECA, the ceramics world, and myself -- enjoy!

Professional Documentation to come!

About the Artist

   Nathan Neufeld, last year's recipient of the Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship, graduated from KCAI in 2015. Since then he has exhibited in nine exhibitions across the country in which he has been awarded Best in Show and an Honorable Mention. He has collaborated with Chefs around Kansas City to create unique multi-course dinner services that incite exploration and confound expectations. 

   Nathan is thrilled to present you all with Duo-Action Spoons + Box!

Duo-Action Spoons + Box

About Duo-Action Spoons

   Duo-Action Spoons break your concept of the spoon, reforming it with an altogether new experience. The divot in the top of the spoon functions as a traditional spoon would, however there is an internal cavity that can be taken from and filled via the front facing hole. The smaller holes near the back of the spoon act as vents which provide the capability of "noiseless slurping". The spoons also provide the ability to, in a single bite, contrast or compliment the solid morsel with the interior liquid, which can be taken before, after, or with the morsel, leaving infinite creative possibilities. 

   Duo-Actions Spoons have been used by caterers and chefs. Duo-Action Spoons + Nest were used in my last dinner service with Chef Mike Dalena. Also, it along with three other works will be part of the DelecTABLE exhibition at the Art Students League of Denver in Denver, Colorado with the artist's reception and opening on April 22nd. This Duo-Action Spoons + Nest is one of only two left available. 

Duo-Action Spoons + Nest

About +Box

   +Box is my first venture into my rising interest in packaging. The boxes were first designed three dimensionally in a CAD program to get an idea for the overall structure, then were reformed into a two dementional layout to be cut with a laser. The box is entirely baltic birch plywood, finished with natural tung oil, designed to fit together with a minimal amount of wood glue.

   The foam nests went through a few transformations, and provided some difficulties. At first they were to be laser cut and built up through stratified layers. I decided that would have been distracting, both visually and in the use of my time. So I made six molds to cast the inserts out of a castable, expanding, soft urethane foam. I thought this was it; what a cool material! However after around three days of failing to get it cast into the form, I had to move on. The final foam inserts are made of a closed cell foam, that were milled into form using a CNC router.

   I think in the end I am happy with all of the issues. They led to an insert with a pleasing shade and density -- with a matte texture to contrast the relative sheen of the spoons, and a fiberous surface caused from milling that acts as a sort of natural flocking.

 In the end I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Purchase of additional Duo-Action Spoons + Box are available at $150 and the Duo-Action Spoons + Nest is available at $750. The offical Gallery+Shop will be up in running shortly but in the meantime send inqueries to

More documentation and information to come make sure to revisit soon!

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