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Past to Present


       I am a ceramics major in my Junior year at Kansas City Art Institute. I got my start in Asheville, North Carolina; a small and artful city. I took my first ceramics class in high school and was captivated.

       While still in high school I went on to take ceramic classes at a nearby community college, where I met Beth Bond, she got me involved with Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts in the Asheville River Arts District and has been a friend and mentor ever since.

       Around this time also I started a two year apprenticeship with a masterful production potter; Hank Goodman. Working and developing as an artist at Odyssey and apprenticing under and assisting Hank Goodman - a ceramic and a life mentor - was a time of momentous development. Nearing the end of this two year period Hank starting talking to me about BFA programs. He suggested I looked into Kansas City Art Institute, ranked top in the US for their undergraduate Ceramics program. I looked, toured, and was quite convinced.

       I applied and was accepted!! Three years later and I am a Junior in the Ceramics program at KCAI, and utterly transformed. I have become very technically oriented: techniques, processes, and materials have come to play a large part in the way my ideas are realized. Mold making, clay casting, and modulararity are the core processes in my work currently.


See gallery for noteworthy examples of these projects.


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